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We believe all children are entitled to a high-quality education. Without Limits shatters the status quo by creating exciting, new opportunities for every child to succeed through innovations in education, sports and entrepreneurship.

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Our Mission

Without Limits was started by a passionate, award winning teacher turned social entrepreneur to level the education playing field for all children, to create equality in education and address the diverse learning levels in every neighborhood. We accomplish this goal through:

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All children are entitled to an innovative 21st century education that prepares them to be competitive in our global community and economy.

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We create program content that uses the passion and purpose of sports and combines education and fiscal responsibility to prepare our participants to excel at the next level, on and off the field or court.

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Our organization has taken a modern approach to improving the educational and economic development of the communities we serve by creating real business opportunities for our youth in their neighborhoods.

Latest Causes

We believe there is a direct correlation between the health of an education system and the economic and cultural well-being of a community. No matter the socioeconomic status of a community a good place to start improvement is with education. The key to a successful education is literacy.

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